• Orange

    Cevitana is instant powder refreshing vitamin drink with 9 vitamins (A, B-complex, C and D).Three to four cups of Cevitana orange, quick and easy to prepare, are secure way to meet the needs and compl...

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  • Vitanez

    Vitanez Extra mayonnaise is delicious top quality product. It is produced from carefully selected domestic raw materials of highest quality, such as refined sunflower oil, yolks and a special blend of...

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  • stobi-flips

    Stobi Flips is a top quality product, created through a perfect blend of corn grits, ground peanut topping, sunflower oil, salt and lots of love.The striking flavor makes Stobi Flips ideal snack for e...

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Students from Holland in Vitaminka

Students from the University of Getide from Holland visited “Vitaminka”. Read more >>

Vitaminka at the Interfood & Drink

Choco Stobi Flips, Stobi Flips, Atlantis, Despina and the rest of Vitaminka’s product range were displayed at the exhibition Interfood & Drink in Sofia, Bulgaria. Read more >>

Vitaminka and ,,Prespav“

Vitea Herbal Tea instead of rakija for Mile, Atlantis for the inspector, a glass of Cevitana as refreshment: this is just part of the scenery for the new Macedonian sitcom ,,Prespav“. Read more >>

The first winners of Stobiranka

One hundred and seventy – seven prize winners were drawn in the first “Stobiranka”, Vitaminka’s great prize competition with the Stobi brand. Read more >>